Touchable 互動電子白板專家

Touchable Wisdom Creates a New Milestone in Education


In this society where knowledge flows, the channels for students to learn are no longer limited to textbooks. Compared with the curriculum content, modern teaching emphasizes the imparting of knowledge, and teachers’ teaching methods play a leading role in how to improve student learning effectiveness.

"After reading the book, the teacher reads it and the student listens to it." This kind of straightforward feeding instruction is stereotyped and boring. It is out of date. What students really need is an interesting class. The flexible and flexible class model can induce them to actively study and strengthen their curiosity; more concrete and vivid explanations also help students to further understand and deepen their knowledge. Today, teachers must face a transition in teaching. They can no longer cook bowls. They must keep up with the times and seek more effective methods. E-learning, which is more successful than traditional teaching, has become a general trend.

The famous inspiring lecturer, Brian, has extensive teaching experience. He often holds seminars and shares the videos on the Internet platform for students from all over the world.

Since the implementation of e-learning, the commercial "interactive electronic whiteboard" has brought him a lot of benefits, making the original teaching work easier and more flexible, and more effective in place.

For Brian, instilling some abstract ideas into students is a big challenge. The humanized design of the electronic whiteboard just provides assistance. The intuitive interface enables Brian to get started quickly and easily by writing books, drawings, markings, etc. Memorizing the key points to help the brain, and set up an all-in-one electronic whiteboard, you can instantly connect to the Internet and even play videos, so that Brian can effectively use different resources to assist teaching, so that teaching is more comprehensive and the explanation becomes concrete and clear. Students naturally understand easily. In addition, they also greatly increase the interest in the classroom and stimulate students' motivation. Now, interactive whiteboards have become an indispensable and important tool for Brian’s life.