Touchable 互動電子白板專家

Touchable Wisdom


Touchable Limited is a Hong Kong company, specializing on providing I.T. total solution with interactive panels. Our panels act as all-in-one solution for replacing projectors, video conference devices, tablets, audio system, whiteboard…etc., it helps reducing costs for devices, complicated cable connection, various maintenances workload and travelling cost for meeting overseas. Combining the use of Cloud, touch screen, wireless connectivity and android operating system, information could be shared spontaneously without any difficulties. Touchable limited have a good track record with customers from both commercial world and educational field. We intergrade the collaboration between people without any boundaries.

Touchable Limited participated in Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2017. We are a expert for providing Interactive Panel, which is an all-in-solution for replacing various devices: projectors, video conference, tablet, audio device, whiteboard...etc

Interview with Teachers about the experience of using our Interactive Whiteboard in the class

Demonstration of Feature Function - Mobile Screen Mirroring

Demonstration of Feature Function - Screen Mirroring

Demonstration of Feature Function